Celebrating Labor Day: Before They Were Full-Time Authors…

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Blog ImageWhere did you work while following your dreams?

To celebrate Labor Day, Open Road Media created this great video where they asked authors how they made a living in the early days of their writing careers.  Enjoy!


From Open Road Media:
From mixing medicines to selling swimming pools, these noteworthy authors – David Corbett, Edna O’Brien, Peter Blauner, Patricia Bosworth, James Salter, Luis J. Rodriguez, and Susan Dunlap – worked in a number of different jobs before dedicating themselves to writing.

Open Road Media is celebrating Labor Day 2012 by highlighting one of the major issues of the writing life: how to earn a living while honing your craft. Before becoming full-time authors, Corbett worked as a private investigator; Bosworth spent time as editor of the adult woman’s magazine¬†Viva; and Rodriguez was a truck driver and paper mill worker – and the list goes on!

Ultimately, all of these hard workers decided to take a chance on writing, and we’re certainly glad they did!

Please visit Open Road Media’s website for more information.

You can also download eBooks written by these authors at Beyond Just Books.

Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day Weekend!


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