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I know I’ve been quiet on here lately. Back in January, I began a new job that was initially time consuming in the way all new positions/companies can be: new teammates to get to know, new software to learn, new clients, etc. But I feel like I’m settled in now and more comfortable in my new role, so it’s time to re-focus some attention on you and book-blogging.

This week is Book Expo America and it’s being held right here in Chicago! Yesterday was the Bloggers Conference where I heard many new good ideas and tools to use to make blogging a great experience. I got excited all over again about what I can do in this space and felt a renewed energy to focus on the blog.

I also attended the BEA Editor’s Buzz Panel discussion yesterday about new books coming out this Fall and Winter.  The Editor’s Buzz Panel  highlighted the six books below that they are especially excited about this year, I’ve included purchase links where available:

1. Another Day in the Death of America: A Chronicle of Ten Short Lives by Gary Younge. Pub date 10/4/2016.

2. Darktown by Thomas Mullen. Pub date 9/6/2016.

3. History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund.  Pub date 1/2017.

4. Little Deaths by Emma Flint.  Pub date 1/17/2017.

5. The Mothers by Brit Bennett.  Pub date 10/11/2016.

6. The Nix by Nathan Hill. Pub date 8/30/2016.

Of these, I am personally most excited about Little Deaths and Darktown, both dark mysteries similar to what I enjoy reading the most.  I’ll post more about those in the next few days.

Today I visited with many exhibitors, talking about upcoming new releases, new technology to make book discovery and sales easier and picked up a fantastic mix of new books to read this year.


I also just wanted to let you know I’m back and will be blogging much more frequently.  And I’m excited about some changes that I’ll be making to the blog to keep the content fresh and exciting for both you and for me.

Happy Reading!



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