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Hi and Welcome to the Lazy Day Books Blog!  I’m Kimberly, an avid reader and also a bookseller.
A lot of book bloggers I admire say they were born with a book in their hand, natural-born readers.  That wasn’t me.  In fact, up until 3rd grade, I didn’t really like to read at all.  Which upset my Mom.  So, she did what any self-respecting Mom would do- she bought some poster board, made a reading chart and then bribed me.  Not with dolls or play dates or anything like that.  No, she went straight to Cold Hard Cash.  That’s right, $1 for every chapter book, re-reads & picture books didn’t count.  She may be one of my biggest supporters now, but back then, she really thought I wouldn’t last long and it would be one more thing I lost interest in.  Because really, I was mostly interested in doing whatever my brothers were doing at any given time.  But I showed her!
She cut me off when I reached $100, crying “broke” or something silly like that, but by then I was hooked.  Totally, completely in love with reading.  It didn’t really matter what I was reading, though I did develop a particular fondness for thrillers, especially if there was a secret covert-op hero involved.  My Dad & I would read Louis L’Amour (all of them) and Tony Hillerman (all of those, too) and then talk about them, those were probably my earliest “book reviews”.  But I also loved Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary and just about anything else I could get my hands on.
It was sometime in college that I decided I needed a bookstore.  Not wanted.  *Needed*, just needed to be surrounded by books and all their wonderful words.  It would be several more years before making that dream a reality, but here I am: The proud owner of Lazy Day Books, your favorite eBookstore , and now the Lazy Day Books Blog. 
I hope to use this space to share my love of reading and experience yours too.  Together, we’ll post book reviews, discuss new releases and old favorites, meet new authors and share our general love of reading. 
Lazy Day Books and the Lazy Day Books Blog is all about reading for fun and we want to hear from you!  If you’re interested in being a guest contributor or if you’re an author or publisher and want us to review your book, please contact us at read(at)lazydaybooks(dot)com.  See our Review Policy for more details.
Happy Reading!


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    • Today is Thursday. I am interested in your Lindbergh book “WE” ($32.00), but must know if it is soft or hard cover
      and some details as to condition. What if any pages missing?

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