Celiac Awareness Month: Gluten-Free Resources and Cookbooks

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Today’s guest post is by my good friend Betsy Ramirez, M.Ed., RD, from Supermarket Nutrition 411.

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An estimated 3 million Americans have Celiac Disease. Celiac Disease is an autoimmune condition that damages the villi of the small intestine which inhibits nutrient absorption that can cause a myriad of problems, not limited to migraines, thyroid disease and more.

The Celiac Disease Foundation reports 95% of CD is misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. A strict gluten free diet is the main treatment. Finding the right resources is extremely important in maintaining health.

Check out these sites for more information on Celiac Disease:

National Foundation for Celiac Awareness
Celiac Disease Foundation
Celiac Sprue Association

Eating gluten free can be overwhelming for many who are used to eating a wheat based diet. Shopping for a gluten free diet can be just as challenging.  Many supermarkets have gluten free resources that you can read about on my blog.

Lazy Day Books is also a great resource.  They have a great collection of gluten free books and cookbooks that are listed below.

Betsy Ramirez, M.Ed., RD, is a registered dietitian who blogs about healthier eats to put in your grocery cart at Supermarket Nutrition 411.  You can also find her on Twitter @BetsyRamirezRD and Facebook.

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